Thursday, May 19, 2011

Body Builders

My boys are the strongest in the world. This whole photo shoot started because we had just had a very big meal and a few of us had big tummies to show for it. Then we digressed into a show and tell with the boys. I love how cute they are. Some of my boys are so modest that this was very hard for them. They were very brave to go shirtless and show off their muscles for the good of future posterity. You can tell we are not too worldly as the boys don't really even know how flex. That or I have sadly neglected their education. I promise I do feed these boys although a few of them look like they just came from a concentration camp.

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Mower family said...

It's fun to see your kids! We have missed you guys, our kids can't wait for you to visit in December. Please keep posting so that we can keep up with your family